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Pandem Kodi 2 (2018)

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Pandem Kodi 2 (2018) Raja Reddy(Rajkiran), a prominent personality in the Kadapa region fights for the welfare of the surrounding villages. However, an opposition group, led by Bhavani(Varalakshmi Sarathkumar), seeks revenge for a massacre that happened in the past. This is when Balu(Vishal) gets himself involved in these rifts. Meanwhile, Balu meets Charumathi(Keerthy Suresh) and the couple develops feelings towards each other. How will Balu save his love life amidst all these complexities? Will he be able to settle the ongoing feuds between 2 groups? The answers to these questions form the plot of the film..
mannam indraneela(Oct 22, 2018)

vishal acting is super .keerthi acted very well . vishal dialogues are very much entertaining.Over all this movie gives vishal one of a huge hit in his career.director linguswamy had given another action entertainer.

satya phani(Oct 18, 2018)

pandem kodi ,vishal was back with his action elements and story ,lingauswamy was written this story as not sequal for pandem kodi ,so this pandem kodi 2 also fine and how ever vishal had some action entertained .first half is nice ,keerthi suresh was acted well ,music was good all over movie will get super talk .

bhanu bhavani(Oct 18, 2018)

vishal back with action entertainer and he had a past hit that tittle pandem kodi and he again come with this tittle and this was not for sequal and story and village back drop is all fine and some story changes and lingauswamy was made some changes and its also nice ,here story is nice and first half and second half is also nice way to seen through still climax ,so this dussara was nice to vishal .

durga ani(Oct 18, 2018)

pandem kodi is now in deaters ,here movie is not a sequal of pandem kodi ,linngauswamy written this story as well action way ,vishal and keerthi suresh actinng together in this movie ,first half is nice and second half onwards movie will speed up and audience will enjoy the action and vishal performance to watch still climax so over all its an block buster for vishal .

jyo lucky(Oct 12, 2018)

vishal is having good market in telugu , so this dussara ,coming to story pandem kodi sequal is not this time it was a different strory line and action way it has lingaswamy make movie very power full frames so audience will enjoy this movie feasrt in festival time ,wait and watch on big screen on this dussara .

abhi smart(Oct 12, 2018)

pandem kodi vishal super hit movie once up on a time with tittle vishal was back with another action enterttainer ,writer lingaswamy make the story more power full way ,from 1st movie a now,vishal action and story will attract audience to watch ,keethi suresh was acting together with vishal and make movie more color full way .

Rated 4 6