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Adhugo (2018)

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Adhugo (2018) Bunty is a cute piglet which gets misplaced through a courier and reaches the lead pair who are looking for their lost puppy. This is the also the time when Sixpack Shankar(Ravi Babu) and a few other gangs are after the piglet for a special reason. Things go out of hand when all the groups start fighting for it like cats and dogs. Why are all the gangs behind Bunty and how does the piglet escapes all these tricky situations forms the rest of the story..
durga ani(Nov 08, 2018)

adhugo movie released a pig is main concept and how the stroy goes on screen audience will excite here movie directed by ravibabu and he written so many story like to watdch comedy angel and here love stroy also so movie is an nice concept but it was an average story to watch .

jyo lucky(Nov 08, 2018)

ravibabu creative director ,comes with another movie adhugo ,a pig and two lovers story mixed up there .here movie is an comedy and romantic entertainer.first half is nice and second half also good but audience not like of slow ness and ravibabu was not clear to tell what he want to express so movie get a average talk.

abhi smart(Nov 08, 2018)

ADHUGO ,a comedy entertainer ,from ravibabu directed and written this story ,here first half is littel bit slow and music also good ,second half romance and love story enjoys by audience to watch this movie .

bhanu bhavani(Nov 06, 2018)

adhugo ,movie from ravi babu he was very creative way of director and his movies are lke same so this movie also a fine comedy entertainer so wait and watch on big screen.

satya phani(Nov 06, 2018)

adgugo a comedy entertainer from ravibabu ,story surrounds a pig and ravibabu was an expert to take this type of films so audience will like and how ever its a small movie it got his abilities .so wait and watch on big screen.

Rated 2.3 5