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Vinaya Vidheya Rama (2019)

Vinaya Vidheya Rama (2019)

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Vinaya Vidheya Rama (2019) Four brothers (Prashant, Aryan Rajesh, Madhanandan, Ravi Varma) sit on the railway track to die. The very moment they hear a cry from the bush. As soon as they hear the cry, all of them rush near the bush & take the child to the hospital. They name him Rama (Ram Charan). Five of them happily live as a family. Prashant, Aryan Rajesh & Ravi Varma start working. An honest IAS officer Bhuvan Kumar (Prashant) will be appointed by the government as an election officer in Bihar. No one can go against Raja Bhai (Vivek Oberoi) in Bihar. Raja Bhai takes Bhuvan Kumar along with others to the Bihar-Nepal border to kill them. How does Ram save Bhuvan in this situation? Forms the movie story..
jyo lucky(Jan 11, 2019)

vinaya vidheya rama ,ramcahran was action back movie here ,boyapati sreenu was director boyapati was well known driector in these type of action movies ,so here moive is an oustanding familie emotional ,music is good and screenplay is very nice ,ram charan action in fights and emotinal scenes are good so ,movie will be a block buster .

abhi smart(Jan 11, 2019)

ramcharan and agressive director boyapati sreenu was togther create an action entertainer this moive ,coming to story its a pure family emotional and family resucere in every family is the motive charan as ram and he had brotheres ,happy family ,in between they got with some problems and how the ram was rescue there family and he had a past viral with one villan is the movie ,music is good and other aspects to watch moive is family emotions .

satya phani(Jan 11, 2019)

VINAYA VIDHEYA RAMA ,ramcharan was back with action with mass entertainer ,boyapati srinu was well known director with this mass action ,first half was cool and calm family atmosphere and brotheres attachment and in every family to survive his family one will be there ,here second half hero had a flash back and how they meet again and what are the problems faced by villans is the movie ,kiara adwani glamour and music all postive elements to movie for this festival time a complete family entertainer .

durga ani(Jan 02, 2019)

vinaya vidheya rama ,here movie was action entertainer ,ramcharan and boyapati was first time doing a film and its an family action entertainer ,so movie was making great interest to watch and how ever ram charan is an energytic actor ,he had a great co partner KAIRA was sharing the screen, so lets watch the film on screen and enjoy it.

bhanu bhavani(Jan 02, 2019)

after a senesational hit rangasthalam ,ram charan come back with a sreious action entertainer and it comes under director boyapati sreenu,here movie is full too mass masala action entertaine ,boyapati was a highly action talented and mass director ,so story is comes in family emotional way and hero was rescurer for his family ,so dsp music and ramcharan energy kaira glamour all and all power full pack movie ,so this pongal movie lovers get a grand opens and enjoy with there family so go and watch on big screen.

ajay p(Dec 21, 2018)


Rated 2.7 6