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Ntr Kathanayakudu (2019)

Ntr Kathanayakudu (2019)

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Ntr Kathanayakudu (2019) In 1984 Madras, Basavatarakam who was undergoing treatment for cancer, reminisces her husband Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao aka NTR’s life. Flash back to 1947. NTR resigns his sub-registrar job to pursue a career in acting. His wife Basavatarakam supports his decision and he soon shifts his base to Madras. Staying in a room with other filmy aspirants, he begins his career in acting and soon gets his first assignment in L V Prasad’s “Mana Desam” in a small role. His acting career zooms ahead in no time. His acting career goes without much hurdles except the untimely death of his elder son, the personal life is also smooth. Rest of the movie focuses on NTR’s acting career and why he had stepped into politics..
jyo lucky(Jan 09, 2019)

NTR KATHANAYAKUDU , movie is now on deaters ,ntr legend actor biopic was every one crazy to watch new generation and old generation are want to know the great men life how he was settled in movies his family and movie life all and all its an emotional journey ,nbk was done his best and other characters and music all over its an nice movie .

durga ani(Jan 09, 2019)

NBK was back with action entertainer .here movie was started a great way and all cast and crew are acted well in this biopic ,NTR movie journey how he was struggel to setteld in moives his family and after he return politics all and all its an emotional journey ,so go and watch the great legend biopic was make inspirational to all generations .

abhi smart(Jan 09, 2019)

a grand release of NTR ,biopic was now screening on deaters ,all telugu audience are waiting to see ntr personal back up ,balakrishna was acting like his father other cast and crew are acting also ,all and all its an emotional drama and real life of NTR ,screen play was good and nbk action and other aspects help to moive .

bhanu bhavani(Jan 02, 2019)

NBK was back with his father bipoic and it ocmes two versions and one was ntr kathanayukudu and 2 one nayakudu ,so movie will be great feast to telugu audiecne ,NTR was well known actor in india so his bipoic was getting more interest to watch ,for audience so here movie is an out and out super story ,so how its presence on screen so let wait and see on big screen .

satya phani(Jan 02, 2019)

NTR ,KATHANAYAKUDU ,here a great legend and great actor ,and huge fan following hero in indian fil industry ,so here balakrishna was acting like his father and his movie journey as a hero,so interesting to watch and its a good emotional film for telugu aduience ,to know the NTR life and his struggels so wait and see ,how it be on screen on this pongal occasion.

ajay p(Dec 21, 2018)


Rated 2.9 6