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Bhairava Geetha (2018)

Bhairava Geetha (2018)

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Bhairava Geetha (2018) Geetha(Irra Mor) belongs to a family with a hardcore faction backdrop. After finishing her studies, she comes to her village and falls in love with one of her dad’s henchman Bhairava(Dhanunjaya). This does not go well with her dad who orders his goons to kill Bhairava. Left with no choice, Bhairava elopes with Geetha and things become even more problematic. The rest of the story is as to how the young couple fights all the atrocities and succeed in love..
ajay p(Dec 21, 2018)


jyo lucky(Dec 19, 2018)

bhairava geetha , driector dhanjuya was make his best to see a love story in a different angel and over all its an different love story and music and bak ground beezem was good ,hero and heorien chmeistry makes movie a good feel,youth will attracts well and fallen to love still climax so go and watch on big screen.

abhi smart(Dec 19, 2018)

bhairava geetha was good combo movie ,director make movie very nice to watch and how ever a love story was nice to watch ,so over all music is nice and screenplay is good ,so movie get a good talk .

satya phani(Dec 19, 2018)

bhairava geetha ,here movie is an outstanding opening ,a typical love story was created by director ,first half is good and hero attitude and all set to watch movie ,and here second half some dull scenes and no excitement in cimax ,so over all its an nice love story .

durga ani(Nov 20, 2018)

BHAIRAVA GEETHA ,here director siddartha was written and he had a another hand ram gopal varma also ,he as an intention of story ,its an pure thriller and action entertainer ,cast and crew are good .new actors dhanajay & irra was acting together all an all its an action love entertainer so wait and watch on big screen.

bhanu bhavani(Nov 17, 2018)

BHAIRAVA GEETHA ,MOVIE here director siddartha was written and make this action thriller movie ,cast are new and how the audience will react this action thriller movie and how ever its an love and action way ,so new faceS and story also so wait and watch big screen.

Rated 2.3 6