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Next Enti (2018)

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Next Enti (2018) Sanju (Sundeep Kishan) and Tammy (Tamanna Bhatia) meets accidentally and they fall in love with each other over the course of time. Tammy don’t trust boys and see all boys as same who only want free sex in the name of love. Sanju tries to go next level in their relationship by becoming physical to which Tammy objects. She rejects becoming physical saying she is not ready for that. After some heated argument, they both breaks their relationship and part their ways. They both go their own ways and lead their life as they like without giving much thought to their failed relationship. Do they meet again? Are they going to be together?.
ajay p(Dec 21, 2018)


durga ani(Dec 08, 2018)

next enti ,caption is look so nice and love story starts and they will go next step,in a relation and some girls are not like before marriage ,so they feel bad and they are breaks there love also wit out understanig,here the concept was good and tammana and sandeep acted well and every youth was connects to this movie ,over all its an nice romantic love story.

jyo lucky(Dec 08, 2018)

beautiful love story created by kholi ,sanju & tammana acted together first time and movie is super ,story is conects to all youth and how they behaivng in there love and how they geting break up for this silly reasons ,its cute and romantic when watching whole movie,music also nice and screenplay get created if u dont watch it means ,go and watch it on big screen.

bhanu bhavani(Dec 08, 2018)

a cute love story was showing on screen,i feel fres hand pure romantic story ,sanju and tamman done there best ,this story was recollects some lovers in there past how they do in there past love ,music also good and screenplay is make interestin to watch .so every one go and watch on big screen.feel good love story .

satya phani(Dec 08, 2018)

NEXT ENTI ,a typical love story shown by kholi ,sandeep kishan was back with a cute love story ,as per story sandeep as sanju and tammana as tammy ,they both meet accidently and sanju loves her and both love together .but tammi was have a feeling on boys ,they only love for sex only and she refused sanju s also ,they argued and break up together ,typical and new screenplay attracts movie ,comedy and songs also nice ,how they close together again .watch on big screen.

abhi smart(Dec 04, 2018)

next enti,a different tittle kept by director kunal kohli ,he was a new director to tollywood,tamanna and sandeep kishan ,navadeep they all together acting in this romantic love entertainer ,story was a pure love story ,between and sandeep kishan & tamanna ,so this love story will entertained all youth hoping the movie team ,so go and watch on big screen .

Rated 2.3 6