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Subrahmanyapuram (2018)

Subrahmanyapuram (2018)

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Subrahmanyapuram (2018) karthik ( Sumanth ) is an atheist , but by profession does research on ancient temples. Karthik visits an ancient subramanya swami temple located in a village named Subramanyapuram. By the time Karthik enters, the villagers are traumatized with a series of suicides. Police, village head and villagers believe it is God’s wrath on them for their wrong deeds, and take no action. Karthik suspects some foul play and starts investigating the suicides.   Rest of the film is about how Karthik finds the root cause, how he fights it out!.
ajay p(Dec 21, 2018)


jyo lucky(Dec 08, 2018)

subrahmanyapuram ,movie is a typical thriller was back ,sumanth 25th movie ,he will done his best and a copy of karthikeya some scenes like that ,but movie wil predict well ,director shown intensity and thiller way on movie screenplay makes movie to watch ,ending was good and how ever its an nice movie.

durga ani(Dec 08, 2018)

sumanth was rock again with his attitude ,subrahmanyapuram was epic action and suspense thriller story,in a village some mysterys happend people are killed in that village and there a temple subrahmanyam swamy temple had some mysterys and in all these ,sumanth wan to know what happend there in that temple ,so he challnge the god and he want to solve sciense can solve all ,suspese ended nice and good screen play ,go and watch with family .

abhi smart(Dec 08, 2018)

SUBRAHMANYAPURAM ,a suspense thirller movie ,sumanth was back to screen ,with this suspense he acted in his character and attitude was good ,essha rebba was join together on screen to see,music and beezem also good to see over all its an action suspense thriller .

bhanu bhavani(Dec 04, 2018)

santosh jagarlapudi ,creative director ,he written well this like thriller suspenses ,and sumanth was back with this movie ,past movies are dissapointed for him ,so he need a good hit,so SUBRAHMANYAPURAM ,was the platfrom to see ,so this type movies audience are liked well ,so movie get good sucess hoping to watch interesting way ,so wait and watch on big screen .

satya phani(Dec 04, 2018)

subrahmanyapuram,a thriller action is coming to deaters ,here sumanth was back with this thriller movie ,sumanth past movies are dissapointed ,and now he want a hug hit to back again,director santosh jagarlapudi was an great writer this like movies ,and sekhar chandra music and all other cast crew are good so hope movie will be good to watch ,

Rated 2.6 6