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Petta (2019)

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Petta (2019) Kaali (Rajinikanth) comes to a Hill Station college as a hostel warden. He sets the ragging guys right, and tries to solve a young love lover’s problem and also gets impressed by Mangala (Simran), a pranic healer. But he is not what he seems to be, he is hiding something. And the twist is revealed, he has come to this college to save one person. Kaali’s real name is Veera Petta. What is his back story, why has he come to this hill station forms the rest of the drama?.
durga ani(Jan 11, 2019)

PETA ,rajni kanth new movie ,karthick was directing and return this subject ,here movie is an commercial action episode and how ever its an nice action movie ,some comedy also good ,simran was back with this movie ,rajni as kalli peta he was a hostel warden and y he sholud like this what is story behind on that is the movie ,screenplay is good and music also good .

jyo lucky(Jan 11, 2019)

rajni kanth was back with a commerical action entertainer ,PETA is normal subject but karthick subraj was written and screenplay makes movie good feel ,so movie is nice ,simran was back with this movie she done his best ,second half some action and who is he an y kalli peta was in this hill station as warden is the movie .

abhi smart(Jan 11, 2019)

peta ,a different caption and a huge feel of rajni .first half is good he was hostel warden and simran pranic healer, and he solves lovers problems and stopping the raging guys ,but he hide some thing reason to come here ,what is it ,the story ,go and watch on screen .

bhanu bhavani(Jan 11, 2019)

after a huge hit of robo rajni was back with normal commercial subject peta,karthick subraj writtent nice and screenplay well ,a normal comedy way and some action way it gone the movie ,simran was special attraction in this movie ,its nice feel to watch in deater .

satya phani(Jan 11, 2019)

PETA ,rajnikanth was back with an action and comedy entertainer, after a huge hit of robo he is back ,peta is a normal subject but rajni place a great role and simran after a long gap she is done this movie ,music good and screen play is nice .over all its an nice movie .

ajay p(Jan 04, 2019)


Rated 2.8 6