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Mr.majnu (2019)

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Mr.majnu (2019) Nicky (Nidhi Agrwal) and Vicky (Akhil) who based out of abroad comes to India for a family wedding. Nicky always wanted to a husband like God Shrirama,has lot of expectations. Whereas Vicky is a different character doesn’t wanted to be in longtime relationship. Both of them chills out in cousin wedding, she realizes his true side, proposes to him a two month love relationship but Vicky always discourages her saying he’s not suitable match for her, rejects after the 60 day period. Hurt by his acts, Nicky returns to UK. Vicky desperately misses Nicky and goes to U.K where she studies. There is a drastic change in Vicky’s character by the time of interval .A play boy turns to be an emotional guy. How both of them eventually get along forms rest of the story..
durga ani(Jan 25, 2019)

akhil is back with another love story and here movie is mr majnu and nidhi agharwal was acting together in it ,movie is an nice action and romantic entertainer .director takes very nice and screenplay makes feel slow ,music and all other aspcets are good and akhil dance and action is very nice ,only a movie love rand youth will like it .

jyo lucky(Jan 25, 2019)

akhil is back with another romantic entertainer ,story line is not a new story ,hero was a play boy character and dont like long relation ship beacuse he never trust in it ,and nidhi as nicky she was a calm and normal girl she like his lover as god rama character ,so here both are in love ,how long there love goes and is vicky is change his character are not ,what happend is the story .music is good and screenplay makes feel slow to movie .

satya phani(Jan 25, 2019)

MR ,Majnu ,akhil is back another romantic love story ,nidhi agharwal was joining to share with akhil in screen .here story was a play boy character maintain by akhil as vicky and nidhi as nicky she want her lover as god rama and very good character ,in this nicky and vicky comes a wedding in india and both close togethr and propose each other ,here vicky was dont like lnog relation ,y he like thay they both are continue there relation are not ,watch on screen .

bhanu bhavani(Jan 22, 2019)

lover boy akhil was back with romantic love entertainer ,venky atluri was written and directed this story ,bvsn prasad was producing also ,story is a play boy character and loves all gilrs but he dont want to marry this way story goes and how he finallu reacted original love MR MAJNU was coming on screen this friday ,thaman music also good ,album and teaser are get good response so movie will be block buster .

abhi smart(Jan 22, 2019)

MR .MAJNU .akhil is back with a another love story,director venky atluri ,was written and directed this script ,boys will be boys is the caption for this movie ,thaman music also help to movie get a good talk from audience ,hoping the movie will be a block buster .

Rated 2.9 5