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Dev (2019)

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Dev (2019) Dev(Karthi) is a fun and adventure loving guy who forcefully gets in touch with Meghana(Rakul Preet), a rich business woman who has no time for love. At first, Meghana avoids Dev but slowly falls for him. The twist in the tale arises when Dev starts having issues with Meghana and her possessive attitude. Rest of the story is as to how Dev and Meghana dealt their differences and get back together..
jyo lucky(Feb 18, 2019)

karhi and rakul combo get a another romantic love story ,this time pure romantic and love feel in it, in movie dev was an adventure and rakul was a busniess women and one day dev saw the meghana and how ever they meet in very strange feel and how ever its an nice story ,general aduience give good marks ,in some areas ,but movie cant get hit talk .

abhi smart(Feb 18, 2019)

dev movie released in this feb 14th lovers day,all though it was an pure love and romantic entertainer ,audience are wait and watch it ,but as per audience view its an boring story and they got no emotional and fell love in it,rouitn story so audince get bored and karthi get a another flop movie .

bhanu bhavani(Feb 18, 2019)

karhi and rakul was back with romantic love stroy,dev ,here movie was an cute love romantic story ,rakul was a busniess mind girl and dev was a adventure guy and he had an ambition to climb mount everest and in between meghana rakul and fall in love ,and how they meet and how they are in love ,what are the problems they get ,is the movie ,music is good and screenplay is nice .

durga ani(Feb 18, 2019)

DEV karthi was back with in action and this time he comes with an romantic love entertainer ,and how ever its an nice movie ,director creates a world and natural problems was happen in lovers and all its an nice love story rakul was nice acting and ramykrishna was back with this movie so all over movie get a good talk .

satya phani(Feb 18, 2019)

a romantic love story from kathi and rakul ,coming to stroy karthi as dev and rakul as meghana ,dev was traveller and adventure guy and meghana was a complete a business women and how ever this two meet and love each other how they feel comfort and they got some disturbances all finally they will together in climax ,so watch on the deater .

Rated 2.2 5