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118 (2019)

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118 (2019) Gowtham (Kalyan Ram), an investigative journalist, gets a dream when he stays in room no 118 in a resort. In his dream, he sees a girl getting beaten and a car being thrown into lake. After waking up, he comes to a conclusion that he got similar dream earlier too when he stayed in the same room in previous months. He starts investigating the case to find out who the girl is. Though his wedding is fixed with Megha (Shalini Pandey), he is keener on finding about this girl who turns out to be Aadhya (Nivedha). Who is Aadhya? What has happened to her?.
durga ani(Mar 21, 2019)

118 ,movie was released ,kalyan ram was back with an thriller story ,shalini pandey was in glamour roll ,here kalyan ram was a gernalist and he had a dream every day in that one girl killed by some one ,and he take it as a serious and way how he chage the case and solve it ,very intensity story was in that so movie .

abhi smart(Mar 16, 2019)

118 ,kalyanaram was back with another thriller ,here movie was a thirller made dream way and,kalyanram was gernalist ,and he had a dream of a girl killed ,on not every time ,comes in one resort and he took his dream seriously and find out the girl whos she ,and how he find it and what happend to that girl ,in his dream girl was nivedhita was acting and shalini pandey was in glamour roll ,so all and all its an thriller ,so watch it on big screen.

bhanu bhavani(Mar 12, 2019)

118 movie is released ,kalyan ram and arjun reddy fame shalini pandey act as main lead and back drop niveditha thomsas was acted ,ram was a gernalist and how eve he investigation and he got a dream of a girl killed in his dream who was that gilr and he find is it real and how he chages the case , no logics general audince also iike the story ,so go and watch it .

satya phani(Mar 12, 2019)

118,movie released finally ,here kalyana ram was taking different zone movies ,and his intension was nice and audiecnce also like it,a dream thriller and how it happen in real life and what is the story ,so all and all movie was a great hit .

Rated 2 4