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Lakshmis Ntr (2019)

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Lakshmis Ntr (2019) It was the story of the time when NTR (Vijay Kumar) in the year 1989 lost in the elections. He used to be all alone at home. It was during that time when Lakshmi approaches NTR seeking a chance to write his biography. Knowing that she is intelligent, NTR gives her a chance. It was during this time that, everybody start speaking about them. What happens later? Which political stories are covered in this movie? To know all this, one must surely watch Lakshmi’s NTR.
jyo lucky(Mar 29, 2019)

a great legend NTR ,in his last days how he was cheated by his own family members and died is the main story of rgvs lakshmis ntr ,after ntr s wife died and how he setteled in cm chair and one lady was entered to his life and all creates the affair between ntr and lakshmi ,so how ntr faced this all his party and his career collapse and how he frustrated and died is the story ,its nice way to see and audience will connet to this movie well .

durga ani(Mar 29, 2019)

lakshmis ntr ,was back to deaters and how ever its an commecial way of movie ,rgvs mark and ntrs life story said by him,how ntr was faced problems and how he death ,all his family members and sons avoid him and leave alone ,while he was lakshmis relation in this time chandrababu naidu was interfered and take action and slowly he started cheating ntr and take his party and cm chair and cheat him,and how ntr faced and dippression he died finally .so all set movie was nice rgvs taking is ok but audience not connect to watch .

abhi smart(Mar 29, 2019)

lakshmis ntr ,rgv is back with this movie ,he tried to tell the real story behind on ntrs back in last days ,but it not work out .rgv was main moto what happend to ntr in his last days ,lakshmi parvathis life is how with ntr and ,chandrababu naidu was how he cheat the ntr and take the party to his hands ,and how ntr faces problems is the story .

bhanu bhavani(Mar 21, 2019)

lakshmis ntr back and releasing on this week end ,audience and whole telegu state was eagerly waiting to watch this movie ,and here movie was an political and family emotion a great leader and how he struggel in his last days and peopel are angry on him ,and all way of movie set to view ,and ramgopal varma was confidently to release ,so wait and watch on big screen.

satya phani(Mar 21, 2019)

A most awaited movie lakshmis ntr was releasing and ramgopal varma was make his best way to create and narrots story ,ntr real life in ending days how he suffered and died ,to show the real story to audience ramgopal varma was make this movie ,some how movie get negitive talk and some political issues but from audience way movie get support to release ,so wait and watch on big screen.

Rated 2.3 5