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Abcd (2019)

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Abcd (2019) Aravind (Allu Sirish) is a spoilt brat. He is the pampered son of a millionaire NRI, played by Nagababu. When his indiscipline and luxurious lifestyle becomes too much, his father cleverly sends him to India so that he gets to live a life of meagre resources in a slum.   Once in India, Aravind and his best friend Basha (Bharath) get to experience lower middle-class lifestyle.  They struggle to make ends meet. In parallel, a separate track is narrated. Young politician Bhargav (Raja) wants to become a Minister but he faces opposition from the residents of the slum where Aravind stays. They are victims of his chemical factory. Rest of the drama is how these stories converge..
bhanu bhavani(May 16, 2019)

ABCD ,reamke movie from hindhi ,here movie is an nice concpet and director sanjeev reddy was make some changes in script and create well ,allu sirish and bharath was actiong together in this movie ,so movie wil be huge response from youth so all and all its an nice movie .so go and watch on big screen.

satya phani(May 16, 2019)

ABCD,ALLU SIRISH , was back with a remake movie ,a boy from america how he struggel in india and how his life was gone is the stroy ,this story already a sucessfull in hindhi, allu sirish and bharath was acting together in this ,director sanjeev was make some changes in story and script ,so this movie was gone to release this week friday ,so go and watch this crazy boy story and enjoy it.

Rated 1.2 2