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Arjun Suravaram (2019)

Arjun Suravaram (2019)

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Arjun Suravaram (2019) Arjun (Nikhil) is a passionate investigative journalist who works for a (Telugu) News Channel, `TV 99`. His goal is to be a part of the `BBC News` and when everything seems to be going well, he gets implicated in a Fake Education Loan Scam. Arjun senses a Big conspiracy and aims to crack it. How he manages to find out about the Mafia behind this Scam forms the rest..
ram (Dec 11, 2019)

arjun who is a journalist in tv99 and his aim is to join in bbc. while fulfilling his dream he gets an obstacle that he submitted fake certificates and took a student loan from a bank. now to join in bbc he has to prove that he has not done any crime. the remaining movie is about how he proved that he is not a criminal and whether his dream came true or not? as we know kanne kanne song is hit from this movie. movie is awesome. good movie by nikhil.

priya roy(Dec 04, 2019)

at last this movie is released after many postpones. first this movie is named as mudra and then they changed the name as arjun suravaram. this is a awareness movie which says be careful with the unknown jobs and investments and also about fake certificates which are making youth jobless. lavanya tripathi will help him in finding the people who are behind this scams.good movie. we can watch once. good action moves. music is also good.

durga ani(Dec 02, 2019)

Arjun suravaram is a awesome message oriented movie. Nikil acting is good. This is his come back movie after kirrak party. This is not only message oriented but also thriller and crime movie with action.. songs are also good. twists in the movie are awesome. Lavanya tripati is also gorgeous. Vennela kishore comedy is good. Overall this is nice movie for the weekend.

kavitha dindi(Jul 09, 2019)

Arjun suravaram is a new movie of nikhil.. lavanya tripati is acting as heroine in this fillm.. by watching teaser we can say that arjun is a camera man who is working in BBC news. this is an action,thriller movie. let us wait to watch what hero is going to do in this movie...

satya phani(May 10, 2019)

ARJUN SURAVARAM ,nikhil was back with action thriller ,director santosh was written in a good way ,script way nikhil was photographer and he chages a criminal ways and make a pictures in it ,fully stuff of hard and voilence thriller ,so movie will be block buster in this summer .wait to watch .

Rated 3.6 5