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Majili (2019)

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Majili (2019) Poorna(Naga Chaitanya) leads a life carefree with drinking as his primary focus and lives on the earnings of his wife Sravani (Samantha). While the whole bunch of people around him discard him, Sravani supports him and loves him despite him ignoring her love. Why Poorna became like this and who was his first love, whether his passion cricket came back to his life and did he realize Sravani love is what Majili is all about.
jyo lucky(Jul 16, 2019)

as we know songs are big plus point for the movie and in the same way movie is also good concept. after their marriage this couple got first movie which made their pair more beautiful. there is a failure story and also a success story. go and watch what is that failure story and what is success story in this movie...

kavitha dindi(Jul 16, 2019)

good movie.. these days we are getting these cricket concept movies. but in this movie, first heroine daughter will play for under 19 match. hero is also good batsman but he cannot succeed in that due to his love failure. samantha will love him and he will marry her with his father and friends force. there after watch the movie what happens..

satya phani(Apr 09, 2019)

most awaited movie of tollywood ,majli is now in deaters ,shiva nirvana was written and directed this story ,here nagachaitanya and samantha was together acting afte a long gap ,character in wife and husband ,coming to story nagachaitanya was cricket player and he had a love story in past and he was in that mood and later he married ,how there life is goes and did nagachaitanya accept his wife from that failure love story .

Rated 2.4 3