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Jersey (2019)

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Jersey (2019) Arjun (Nani), an exceptional cricketer marries Sarah Fernandes (Shraddha Srinath) and quits professional cricket at the age of 26 surprising his wife. They have a son. He loses his job along with 15 others over corruption charges. He has been trying to prove his innocence and life turns a struggle for him without money, with his wife being the lone bread winner. When his 7-year-old son asks for an Indian cricket team’s Jersey as his birthday gift, situations make Arjun to take up the bat again and try for a place in Hyderabad team at the age of 36. What happens next?.
abhi smart(May 08, 2019)

a stunning story fraom nani, in his career this is the best movie as a hero and character make his movie a high level,cricketer life story was very well connect to audinece so director keeps the trust and make movie and nani action and director taking movie in block buster range so movie wil be a block buster in the summer camp.

bhanu bhavani(Apr 19, 2019)

natural star nani was back with jersey ,movie ,here story is a real life cricketer career s life ,and director gowtham takes it and written a good script and he had a good hero on his movie ,nani ,as arjun and a incomplete career of his cricket and struggels in his life for many reasons ,he loves and married a girl and he had a boy ,and all days passess ,he want to back in cricket so how he back and sucess.

satya phani(Apr 19, 2019)

jersey ,nani was back with this real story ,here nani was an cricketer and he lost his fitness for some reasons ,he loves and married a girl he hada boy child ,he struggel in his life with nothing got on his favour ,he decided to back with his career on age of 36 ,so how arjun career was build did he sucess in his career is the movie ,so go and watch the movie a great inspirational cricketer life .

Rated 1.8 3