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Maharshi (2019)

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Maharshi (2019) Rishi (Mahesh babu) is an extremely talented youngster who has big dreams about his career. In final semester of M.Tech, Rishi gets selected for an MNC, moves to work in USA. In a short span, he becomes the CEO of a company named ‘Origin’. At this point, Rishi comes to know about the situation of his college mate and close friend Ravi (Allari Naresh) who secretly sacrificed his career for Rishi in past. Rishi wants to help Ravi, joins his fight against an Oil corporation giant in a rural Godavari region. Rest of the film is about how Rishi fights against the problems faced by the villagers..
espicy films(Jun 11, 2019)

Super hit movie, Mahesh's silver jubilee film. Good Entertaining film.

jyo lucky(May 10, 2019)

maharshi ,mahesh babu most awaited movie ,finally in deaters ,mahesh as rishi and pooja hedge and allari naresh as ravi, these three combo a good college story and friendship bonding are good to see ,however rishi was hardworker and want to settled in USA ,and he done it and make as a CEO in origon company in USA ,HE was sucessfull ,but he miss what in the past ,for his sucess ,he leave his love and friend for some reasons ,and he reamians that what he loss ,and came back ,in this way allari naresh in bad position ravi was fighiting for his village from corparate company ,and rishi involves in it ,these is the story how he do and what changes comes in his life ,is the story .music was average and mahesh and allari naresh action was good over all clean block buster for mahes babu in this summer , go and watch it .

abhi smart(May 10, 2019)

maharshi ,super star mahesh babu was back in screen ,vamsi paidpally written this story per mahesh babu manner .so coming to story ,rishi was ordinary guy he want to setteld in high range ,he studied well and got an job and make ceo in usa ,after that he remians his past of studying metech in his college ,and his friends ,allari naresh and pooja hedge are college friends ,how they are got separated what is the reason, is the rishi was meet allari naresh and pooja ,is the story ,over all story is nice music not impressive ,mahesh action and style make movie in high level .

durga ani(May 08, 2019)

director vamsi ,written and directed this story maharshi ,mahesh and pooja hedge and allari naresh and prakash raj and jagapathi babu was the cast ,a big cast and big story ,of the journey of maharshi ,and ,mahesh was in three shades and how long his life change and what he miss is the story ,so audience are waiting for this movie so wait and watch on this week end .

bhanu bhavani(May 08, 2019)

mahashi ,was in deaters tom its releasing world wide and how ever its an action and some message movie ,mahesh babu in a different look and different action seen from this movie,vamsi make movie very well and dsp music was trending and pooja hedge and allari naresh was supporting characters in the movie so lets see how maharshi mania was starts on this summer .

satya phani(May 08, 2019)

maharshi ,mahesh babu was back with an action entertainer after bharatane nenu ,here director vamsi make movie a high expectations and story also very strong content ,here mahesh babu was three shades of story ,college life and business life and his own life ,how these three connect ,is the story hoping movie was good and dsp music also good so moive can be actioned way and good to watch on screen,so go and watch on this week end ,make movie block buster .

Rated 3.6 6