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Suryakantham (2019)

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Suryakantham (2019) On the day of Pelli Choopulu, Abhi (Rahul Vijay) tells the girl Pooja (Perlene) about a girl whom he loved. She is Suryakantam (Niharika), an eccentric girl who constantly goes missing for days and appears out of the blue. He likes her a lot. When he thinks that she has started liking him, she suddenly is not seen anywhere. Months pass. He thinks that she has left for him good and agrees to marry Pooja. When he gears up to begin a new life with this new girl, Suryakantam comes back to his life leading it to chaos..
satya phani(Mar 29, 2019)

suryakantham ,niharika konidella was back with some more fun and frustrated girl ,and how he lives and in all these a guy comes in his life and what change come with that boy is the story ,here movie is romantic and comedy entertainer ,niharika and rahul are the main caste ,how ever its an romantic zoner ,movie was good .audience will like this movie ,in everybody life one suryakantham was there .

Rated 0.5 1