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Geetha Chalo (2019)

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Geetha Chalo (2019) Krisha is a playboy by nature and loves to party full time. Upset with his nature, his parents force him to get married. Seeing this, he makes a plan to marry an innocent girl so that his party culture would continue. In this process, he searches for an innocent girl and meets Khushi(Rashmika). Impressed by her humble nature, he marries her. But he gets a rude shock when he comes to know that Khushi is no innocent and a crazy party girl like him. What will Krishna do now? Will he leave Khushi? Why did Khushi act as an innocent girl? To know all this you need to watch the film on the big screen..
bhanu bhavani(May 08, 2019)

geetha chalo ,ganes also acting together in this movie ,here movie was good and specific way of suits and how long its an nice commercial story and rahsmika action was good ,hero ganesh also done his best and director suni was written goo d story so all and all its an nice movie ,

satya phani(May 08, 2019)

geetha chalo ,movie was different and director suni was make movie good ,rashmika and ganesh casting also good ,story is a play boy and how he fall in love and make love by rahsmika and how he changed the life is the story ,over all its an nice movie,

Rated 0.5 2