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Burra Katha (2019)

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Burra Katha (2019) Abhiram (Aadi Sai Kumar) is a person who is born with a problem. He is born with two brains which function differently. At one time, Abhiram looks like a normal person and he immediately changes gear to an altogether different person. What problems did he land in? How did he solve his own problems? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the movie..
abhi smart(Jul 06, 2019)

Disastrous movie in my point of view. only new concept in this movie is about hero is having two brains. some good comedy is there. that's it.. remaining movie is routine..

jyo lucky(Jul 06, 2019)

nice movie. aadi's acting is better than previous movies. there are other popular actors like rajendra prasad,posani krishna murali and others. new concept.. heroines acting is up to the movie.

kavitha dindi(Jul 06, 2019)

Aadi improved his acting skils. Hia action was good comparing to other movies. in this movie his name is abhiram who is having two brains. as hero has two brains usally there will be two heroines. their action was also good. villain character is there just to fill the gaps in the movie. sai karthik music is not up to mark.

durga ani(Jul 06, 2019)

Movie is good with new concept 'one person having two brains'. people who are bored off seeing two same personalities may get some entertainment in this movie.There are some punch jokes which are good before interval.In the second half comedy is not that so good. but we will get some confusion by watching this movie. aadi's action is better than previous movies.. cool music.. totally, we can watch this movie just once..

satya phani(Jul 06, 2019)

This is a comic movie.after long time Aadi got a success.the first half of the movie is enjoyable with hilarious comedy.and second part is some what boring with the routine comedy.. we can see action,romance and comedy. there is some twist in the movie.. go and watch it in the theaters.

Rated 2.3 5