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Oh Baby (2019)

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Oh Baby (2019) Baby (Lakshmi) is an old lady who has all the so-called bad qualities of being old. She runs a college canteen along with Chanti (Rajendra Prasad). As an old lady, her way of caring is different and her daughter in law is affected very much mentally and health wise due to the naggings of Baby. She gets admitted into a hospital due to a mild heart stroke. The doctor advises the family to join Baby in an old age home for the betterment of her daughter in law which hurts the baby as her granddaughter yells at her telling this. She goes from there to her canteen and she gets a call from her grandson inviting her to his musical performance and it changes the life of Baby. How her life changes?.
jyo lucky(Jul 05, 2019)

samantha's action is marvellous. expression queen choosed another fantastic movie for her career. she is a natural star and done fabulous acting in this movie. nandini reddy choosed her so wisely for the movie. u will not get bored in the move. every scene is good.

bhanu bhavani(Jul 05, 2019)

A feel good movie from samantha. the story is about a 70 year old women who got transformed to 20 year young girl and being in her house as a tenant she observes all her family members.. this movie is for all generations.. this isa fullpower pack entertainment movie.

durga ani(Jul 05, 2019)

This is a good movie with good comedy. Sam performed well. but, for the people who seek for action movie they may not like this. but, this will be a good entertainer for comedy lovers. Naga Shaurya also gave his best peformance like before movies. music is good. we can see other actors like Adavi Seshu, Rao Ramesh, Rajendra Prasad who performed good as usual. don,t miss the movie. it will definetly entertain you.

abhi smart(Jul 05, 2019)

As we know this is a remake of korean movie MISS GRANNY. Samantha's action was fabulous. this movie is a good entertainer. there is fun,love,care etc., in this movie. we can enjoy throughout the movie not only by seeing samantha, other actors also done excellent work. MICKEY J MEYER gave good music to the movie. as soon as possible watch the movie on big screen..

satya phani(Jul 05, 2019)

OH! BABY.... A must watch and a fantastic movie. Sam just nailed it. just watched the film. first half of the movie was OK. But, second half of the movie was amazing. DON'T FORGET TO BRING A HANDKERCHIEF WITH YOU.. BECAUSE CLIMAX WILL MAKE U VERY EMOTIONAL. She is another superstar of telugu film industry. Another different film from @NandiniReddy mam. You are as equal to male directors. just enjoy the movie with your family members.

Rated 3.8 5