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Dorasani (2019)

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Dorasani (2019) Set in early 90’s in a village called Jayagiri, the film begins with the present time. After serving the imprisonment for many years, a Naxalite returns to this village from jail in search of Raju, the youngster of this village who saved him long back. Story moves to 90’s. Raju (Anand Deverakonda) who is studying at his grandparents’ village comes to Jayagiri on Dussera holidays to stay with his parents. His family is poor. He writes good poetry. The village landlord’s daughter Devaki (Shivathmika) gets attracted to him as he daily visits her Gadi and watches her from below. She also likes his poetry being a budding poetess herself. Can these two odd pair win their love against the feudal system?.
durga ani(Jul 14, 2019)

director mahendra tried to show about the love story between rich girl and a poor boy. hero and heroine are fit for their characters. there is no action and no comedy in this film. it will just run on love. music is good.. screen is very just showed telangana environment before 30 years. see in theaters whether they both succeed in their love or not?

abhi smart(Jul 14, 2019)

first half of the movie is good. hero and heroine love story. they love each other and hero will write poetry. every night he come near here home and she will see him from her room window. one day heroine father will see both of them and there comes interval. second half of the film is what they will do to protect their love.. this movie is based on true stories which are happening around us. to know more about the movie watch it on big screen.

satya phani(Jul 14, 2019)

dorasaani. this is a love story based movie,anand devarakonda and shivathmika acting is good. they just involved in their characters. by seeing poster itself we can understand heroine is rich girl and hero is poor. from many years we are seeing rich girls should not love poor guys..this movie also will be in the same way but there is as expected twist in the movie. screen play is good. background music is also fine for the movie. this is the first movie for both of them,but they involved in characters. there is no comedy part . just go and watch in theaters.

jyo lucky(Jul 07, 2019)

Dorasani movie trailers are good.. there is little expectation on this movie..director k.v.r mahendra and the producers are yang rangineni and madhura sridhar reddy. Hero is anand devarakonda and heroine is shivathmika. Their screen names are raju and devaki in this movie..

kavitha dindi(Jul 07, 2019)

Anand devarakonda brother of vijay devarakonda is hero in this film as a poor boy named raju.. shivathmika is heroine who is a rich girl.. they both love each other. There is a good expectation for this movie.. let's see what is going to happen.. let us wish them good luck..

Rated 3.9 5