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Mr.kk (2019)

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Mr.kk (2019) In Kuala Lumpur, KK (Vikram) escapes from the Twin towers from two bad guys who are trying to kill him, wounded and ends up in hospital being saved by a trainee doctor named Vasu (Abi Hassan). He treats him and calls police about the case. He leaves for his home and he lives with his pregnant wife (Akshara Hassan). They are attacked by a person and they kidnap his pregnant wife and asks him to get KK in exchange of his wife. Meanwhile, Police and some other groups starts searching for KK. How Vasu saved his wife? Who kidnapped his wife? Who is KK and why is he being chased? Who are the people chasing KK?.
bhanu bhavani(Jul 22, 2019)

good movie. can watch once. vikram seen on screen less time but his acting is good. lena is a police officer and abhi hasan is doctor and akshara hasan is his wife. action movie. see the movie to know who is kk and what is his role. gibran music is good. overall movie is average.

durga ani(Jul 22, 2019)

every time vikram will choose nice characters. this is fully action oriented movie. music by gibran. only one song in this movie. kamal haasan is producer of the film. first half of the movie will cannot expect any story. but second half is full of action and thrilling movie. watch the movie to know about kk. cinematography is good.

satya phani(Jul 22, 2019)

vikram as kk in this movie. vikram acting is good. we can see abhi hasan and akshara hasan in this movie as wife and husband. he is a doctor and some people will chase vikram and he will admit him in hospital. people who are chasing vikram will kidnap doctors wife and they will demand him to send kk in return, otherwise they will his wife. abhi hasan will be more on screen. his acting is good. should watch the movie to know vasu returns kk to them or not? watch the movie on big screen.

jyo lucky(Jul 18, 2019)

it looks like action and thriller movie. director is rajesh. produced by kamal hasan. hero vikram's movie. as he is a big hero expectations are high and kamal hasan garu is producer for remaining expectations.. let us see what will happen.

kavitha dindi(Jul 18, 2019)

after watching trailer we can understand that hero vikram is a police officer. he will be appointed as a special officer for one case. producer of the movie is kamal hasan garu. let us watch the movie to know more about the story.

Rated 2.7 5