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Evaru (2019)

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Evaru (2019) A Businessman’s wife Sameera (Regina Cassandra) has been charged for killing DSP Ashok Krishna (Naveen Chandra). In a pressmeet , She claims that she murdered him in self defence while a rape. Vikram (Sesh Adivi) steps in to help her with the case and seeks her sincerity and truth in resolving it. The story then runs around that one bad decision that lands the lives of few people in jeopard..
priya roy(Aug 18, 2019)

director venkat ramji took the new concept. this is a suspense thriller movie. adavi seshu selection for the movie is good. no music in the movie. it will fully go on the concept. every twist in the movie makes us to watch more. but this is short movie. story is conveyed correctly with out any mistake or unnecessary scenes. everything is good. don't miss to watch in theaters.

ram (Aug 18, 2019)

very interesting movie. movie will gradually grab the attention of the audience,. it will start with a rape scene and heroine will kill that person. to deal with that case adavi sheshu will come as a police officer. but when we come to the last scene of the movie everything will be changed. unexpected things will happen in the movie when compared to first half of the movie. we can understand the depth of the movie only by watching it. so dont neglect to watch the movie. it will entertain you this weekend.

rajesh (Aug 18, 2019)

evaru is super movie in recent times. main roles in the movie is regina,naveen and adavi sheshu. first half of the movie is ok but, second hal fis very intresting. movie will trun from one point to another. we cannot predict the story. some bold scenes are there where regina gave her better performance. final twist of the movie is really amazing. we can see the movie more than once. go and watch it in the theaters.

jyo lucky(Aug 17, 2019)

this is like heroine oriented movie. these days this is a good thriller movie. there are no songs in this movie. this movie is full of twists. second half is very interesting. climax is unexpected. this is a remake of hindi movie. if we watch that movie then it wont look so interesting. if this is the first time then surely we will enjoy the movie. do watch the movie on big screen.

kavitha dindi(Jul 22, 2019)

venkat rmji is director for evaru movie. we can see adavi seshu as a hero who is police officer and regina casandra as heroine. we can also see naveen chandra in the trailer. this is a thriller movie. waiting to watch this movie..

Rated 4.1 5