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Taramani (2019)

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Taramani (2019) Althea Johnson is a young, Anglo Indian single mother working for the corporate sector in Chennai. One rainy evening, she takes shelter under an abandoned bus stop alongside a rugged young man, Prabunath. Although they appear to be suspicious of each other, they both eventually start talking and become friends. Prabu reveals to Althea how he worked at a call centre and hated his job. The only good thing about his workplace is it was located right opposite to his girlfriend, Sowmya's IT office. Sowmya was a highly educated but conservative, emotional young woman. When Sownya needed money to get her visa to work in the States, Prabu stole money from a sleeping stranger on the train and gave it to her. However, she married another man there, leaving Prabu heartbroken. When he learnt that the man he stole from, died of a heart attack, Prabu started to blame himself and became depressed. He almost committed suicide at the Taramani railway station, but is saved by a railway policeman, who later became his good friend. Later on, Althea introduces Prabu to her son, Adrian and her mother. Her mother disapproves of Althea's friendship with Prabu and this forces Althea leave the house. Being homeless, she is forced to spend the night at the railway station. Althea explains that she caught her husband, Jacob having an affair with a man. Understanding that he can never love her as a woman due to his sexuality, she separates from her husband unaware that she was pregnant. Althea along with her son Adrian spends lot of time together. One day Adrian asks Althea if he can call Prabu his father. They eventually confess their feelings for each other and move in together. Prabu becomes possessive and overprotective, eventually suspecting Althea of having an affair with her boss. Things take a turn for the worse when Prabu reads a crude text message from her boss. The argument leads to a break-up. Later, Prabu visits Sowmya, who is back for a holiday. She gives him a box of chocolates as a gift but he rejects it. While her husband is out, he forces her to capture intimate photos with her, to blackmail for money. However, the chocolate box already had money more than he stole for her. Ashamed at how much he had changed, Prabu leaves Sowmya's hotel room. Meanwhile, Althea meets her boss who makes sexist remarks about her. She politely ignores them and takes selfies of them together supposedly as a truce and uploads the photos in the social media. Fearing that his wife and daughter will see them, he begs her to delete the photos. Using this, Althea successfully blackmails him into applying for his transfer. Unaware of this, Prabu berates her for having an affair with her boss having seen the photos online. With a broken heart for the second time, Prabu decides to embrace the dark side. He flirts anonymously with lonely married women via phone and records them. Later he blackmails them for money. One of the women turns out to be a friend of the city's assistant police commissioner. While tapping Prabu's phone, the policeman learns that one of the women he is in contact is his own wife. The policeman rushes home and beats up both Prabu and his own wife. Seeing the policeman abuse his wife Prabu is reminded of himself and how he treated Althea. With the money that he received from Sowmya, Prabu visits the family of the man from whom he stole and repays the money. The widow tells him that the postmortem revealed that her husband died hours before Prabu stole the money and forgives him. Prabu learns his lesson and decides to start life afresh. Prabu returns to Althea and asks her for her forgiveness. She forgives him but asks him to leave the city since she does not want to complicate her son Adrian's life. After multiple apologies spanning over a few days, she eventually accepts his love and they live happily ever after..
bhanu bhavani(Sep 25, 2019)

good movie. telugu people may not like it but kannada people will like it. there is good story. dubbing is not that good. but movie is nice.

jyo lucky(Sep 25, 2019)

this is a must watch film. not everyone will like it but if u watch the movie you will understand what the movie is about.this is a kannada dubbed movie. music is some what draw back for the movie. you will know a women is modern how society will see. heros girl friend will leave him when she will get a rich guy. you can understand only if you watch the movie.

rajesh (Sep 25, 2019)

this is a love story between modern divorced women and a girl friend left man. this is not a convincing movie to telugu people. we cant understand the movie correctly.

kavitha dindi(Sep 25, 2019)

taramani is fully modren women movie. this movie may not like to all telugu people but has some story in it. in this movie heroine is an anglo indian who divorce her husband with a child. hero is an educated person but will leave everything because his girl friend will leave him. now hero and heroine will meet in a taramani railway station due to rain.hero will tell her his love story and heroine will start doing friend ship with him. later on they will each other and he will start to doubt her.finally they will breakup and watch the movie to know whether they both will become a pair or not.

Rated 2.8 4