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Chanakya (2019)

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Chanakya (2019) Arjun (Gopichand), an undercover RAW spy, knows how to accomplish missions outside the ambit of law.  He is a law unto himself, leaving his superior (Nasser) stunned.   He has another life - that of a bank employee.  Love with Aishwarya (Mehreen Pirzada) happens rather fast.   But all hell breaks loose when his friends aka fellow RAW agents (played by Adarsh Balakrishna, Raja and two others) are kidnapped by Sohail Quereshi (Upen Patel), a notorious and smart terrorist based in Pakistan.  Together with his father Ibrahim (Rajesh Khattar), Sohail is planning to wreck havoc in India and at the G8 Summit in Singapore. Arjun's task is cut out.  Can he rise to the occasion?  .
jyo lucky(Oct 09, 2019)

movie is not that interesting to watch.. less twists. meaning less comedy. love track also bit fast. frankly saying there is no life in music to enjoy at least.. skip if you need full pack entertainment.

rajesh (Oct 09, 2019)

chanakya is a good expectations movie.. but that expectation did not last long. this is an average movie. hero will work in a bank and he is a raw spy,he will fall in love with mehreen. first half is some comedy but second half is full seriousness takes part. songs are not that up to mark. this is fully a action movie. watch the movie in theaters.

Rated 1 2