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Rdx Love (2019)

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Rdx Love (2019) Alivelu (Payal Rajput) is a soul with several causes.  She distributes condoms to sex-crazy youths who sleep with commercial sex workers.  Yes, this is exactly what she does in the first half.  But she is no joker.  Alivelu wants to meet the Chief Minister (Nagineedu) himself.  But the CM could be a joker, mind you.   At the beginning of the film, we are introduced to the plight of the people of a village.  They are down in the dumps and have decided to immolate themselves if they don't get justice. Siddu (Tejus Kancherla) is Alivelu's loyal boyfriend.  In comes a politically influential media baron (played by Aditya Menon) and the plot takes off from this point.   The rest of the film is about why Alivelu wants to meet the CM, what role the media baron has in her life and how Siddu is related to all this.  .