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Whistle (2019)

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Whistle (2019) Michel(Vijay) is the local messiah of the masses and often helps the poor. He has many enemies and who keep targeting him often. One fine day, Michel’s friend who is a ladies’ football coach gets badly injured and Michel is left to lead the side as a new coach. But the twist in the tale aries when the ladies in the team strictly do not want him as their coach. Why did they do this? What is the reason? Who is this Michel? What is his past and how does Michel train the team and win the tournament finally? To know this, you have to watch the film on the big screen..
priya roy(Nov 08, 2019)

movie is good but for classy lovers this will disappoint little. sports scenes are good but they rushed little in the movie. first half was lag and second half is good. two songs by rehman are good. second half is watchable and climax,motivation is good. over all can watch the movie once.

ram (Nov 08, 2019)

nice meaasge given by atlee through this movie to everyone. there is a craze for atlee movies in telugu states because of raja rani movie and some other movies. in same way vijay also having good craze here. they both mingled and made a movie which ultimately makes a hit. good entertainer for action lovers. there are more action scenes than the foot ball scenes. movie is managed nicely with different characters. by watching trailer it looked like chekde india but this movie is having different stories. nayanatara acting is good. this movie is about how michel became the sports person and how he took women's football team to finals is the moive. perfect movie for weekend in theaters.

jyo lucky(Nov 08, 2019)

this whistle movie is having so much craze due to vijay. i think this is the first sports movie to take in mass way. football game of womens team and michel father character and nayanatara marriage breakups are highlight in the movie. every one done well but vijay acting is top of the board performance. cinematography is excellent. as this is tamil movie the screenplay showed its nativity. comedy is also good. dont miss the movie.

durga ani(Nov 08, 2019)

good movie. vijay is in dual roles and as michel and a rowdy and mass rajappa. he want to make his son a sports person but due to his fathers behaviours they will keep michel aside. in the first half opening scene we will hear cm which gives goosebumps and tells us the craze of vijay. second half is good. rehman background music gave high score for the movie.

rajesh (Nov 08, 2019)

vijay is back with whistle movie. his acting as michel and rajappa is good. there are heart touching motivational words in the movie. this movie is a mixed mass masala movie. there are different different stories mixed in a movie. this movie is fully not about sports and not fully about rowdy character. it is having all types of stories mixed in a single movie. a good climax is given by atlee. do watch the movie in neary by theaters.

Rated 4.2 5