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Jaanu (2020)

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Jaanu (2020) In 2004, Ramchandra aka Ram (Sharwanand) and Janaki aka Jaanu (Samantha) studied in the same school in Vizag and they liked each other. She hoped that he would propose her when they enter into plus two but his family suddenly shifts to Hyderabad without informing her. She waited for him for many years. Cut to the present. He’s now a travel photographer and remained a bachelor. She’s married and settled in Singapore. She comes down to Hyderabad to attend their school reunion. Ram and Janaki finally meet fifteen years after they last saw one another. Will the former lovers overcome their emotions, and find out the real reason what made them part ways?.
bhanu bhavani(Feb 17, 2020)

jaanu is a soulful love story of two lovers who failed to end up with marriage. went back scenes are good with some comedy. they wont propose to each other but, they will be in love. there are scenes that make us more emotional and will remind our past love. it will be like hell when samantha cries for him. music is good. editing is bit needed. watch the movie with your loved ones in theaters to get the magic of the movie.

durga ani(Feb 10, 2020)

good movie. made emotional. hero and heroine will become apart in their intermediate and after fifteen years they will meet in a school get together function. and there after watch the movie to know what happened. this is a dubbed movie but it did not looked lithe that. songs are good. all the movie is traditional. and there are no awkward scenes in the movie. pure love story.

jyo lucky(Feb 10, 2020)

jaanu.. this movie makes us smile and at the same time we will get into tears. hero and heroine will meet after long fifteen years in their school reunion. they will cherish with their memories and also with painful endings. in this movie silence also speaks words. it means there is a lot of meaning in the silence. we have to appreciate director for the story. music by govind vasantha is ultimate for the movie. back ground score and bgm and cinematography everything was done well for the movie.

priya roy(Feb 10, 2020)

wow.. this is an amazing story which shows the real emotion to the audience. this is a calm going love story with beautiful back ground music. first half of the movie is bit slow but as soon as they entered the story everything changed. sharwanand acting was too good. as we all know that sam is always good in her acting. this is cleanly u certificated movie with good success. watch the movie in theaters near by you.

Rated 2.9 4