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Bheeshma (2020)

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Bheeshma (2020) A meme creator named Bheeshma (Nithin) is poor in studies but good at generating humorous lines and grasping anything easily. He uses putted for the past tense of ‘put’. He falls for the beauty of Chaitra (Rashmika) who is working in a company named Bheeshma Organics run by Bheeshma (Ananth Nag). While he’s trying hard to impress Chaitra, situations lead that he becomes the operational CEO of Bheeshma Organics for 30 days. He has the opportunity to take charge as the full-time CEO of the company as well provided he should prove his worth in a month. Will he prove? And how did he get the chance and why?.
jyo lucky(Feb 26, 2020)

Everyone should watch the movie just for comedy. From starting to ending comedy in the movie did not die. Rashmika dance is also good. The plus points for the movie are entertainment till last scene, vennela kishore, every artist performances in the movie took to success. All the best wishes to nithin and rashmika to set high in their Carrier with good out comes.

rajesh (Feb 26, 2020)

Good movie with some of motive part about farmers and organic farming and hillarious comedy too in the movie. Vennela kishore proved his part with good comedy timings in this movie also. There are other actors like hebba patel,naresh,rajiv kanakala in the movie. The magic of venky kodukula writings worked in the movie. Cinematography is good. Back ground music is also good.fully the movie is entertaining from top to bottom.

priya roy(Feb 26, 2020)

Beeshma is fully comedy entertainer. The songs in the movie are ordinary but the movie will hit because of comedy generated from starting to ending of the movie. Hero is a meme creator who dislike his studies. But he like organic farming too. Rashmika is a employee in that farm. Their love story is common like every movie but the magic of rashmika can be seen in this movie after geetha govindam. Hebah patel is also seen in this movie. Overall movie is good and it is worth seeing for everyone.

durga ani(Feb 26, 2020)

This is a full time comedy entertainer. Nithin came back with beeshma strongly to turn his carrier. This is the power pack entertainer after one of his dil movie. Heroine acting is also good with similarity in geetha govindam character. Songs are good. Vennela kishore comedy is entertaining throughout the movie. You will definitely enjoy the movie. Watch it in theaters near by you.

Rated 3.6 4