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madha (2020) Nisha(Trishna Mukherjee) is an orphan who falls in love with Arjun(Rahul Venkat). But to her bad luck, Arjun cheats Nisha and frames her as a mentally ill person. Nisha is taken to an asylum and is treated badly with drug abuse. Who is doing this? What is their motive? Why have they targetted Nisha? and how does she escape from there is the whole story?.
my movies movies (Jun 02, 2020)

Touted to be a dark thriller MADHA offers nothing different. Though the movie has been given a huge hype on Amazon Prime, indeed it's a tedious tale which irks you to the core. None of the cast except Anish Kuruvilla who surprises in his role, none could act. The heroine is the main drawback for the movie. It's an easy skip.

Admin (Apr 22, 2020)


Rated 0.9 2