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palasa 1978 (2020) The film is set in early 1978 in a village called Palasa which falls in Srikakulam district. Guru Murthy(Raghu Kunche) and his brother always keep suppressing the poor and two brothers revolt against them. Things become so serious that these brothers leave everything and become goons in order to save themselves and their tribe. The rest of the story is as to what happened to their lives and how they try to bring about a change in that area..
ram (Jul 03, 2020)

this is a beautiful story which shows us about the past days when caste is the main thing in the society and how small caste people used to suffer. there is no safety for women also. director karuna kumar showed it well and writer also did not add any commercial scenes for the uplifting of the story. overall this is a good movie, it may not satisfy all types of movie lovers but you will know some of the hidden truths. cinematography and screen play is good. climax is also good in one way where he did not opt for revenge and went with the government for justice. watch the movie without fail.

rajesh (Jul 02, 2020)

palasa 1978 is a story which was almost same that happened in palasa. may be one or two things are fictional. director showed the movie in a good and nearly realistic way. caste system and politics used play a big role over there. hero used to sing and dance for part time and full time he used to work in cashew factory which was till date famous for production of cashew nuts. slowly hero could not tolerate the things happening there and he will turn against them and then story continues. will he bring the change in the society or not is a movie. watch the movie because this is a must watch film.

jyo lucky (Jul 02, 2020)

the main thing we see in the movie is about caste and politics. this is realistic story happened in srikakulam district the place called palasa. the theme in the entire story was not missed. the cinematograhy is good. bothers in this movie has done well and are suitable for the story. music is good. can watch this movie for on time.

Rated 2.2 3