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mudda 370 j&k (2019) Set against the backdrop of the brewing tension between Hindus and Muslims in the beautiful land of Kashmir, two young souls – a Hindu man Suraj (Hiten Tejwani) and a Muslim woman Aasma (Anjali Pandey) – dare to love despite their socio-cultural dissimilarities. It is a classic case of forbidden love, but will the outcome be any different this time?The setting is late 80s-early 90s Kashmir, and the stress between the two religious groups was simmering. But, amidst all that chaos and commotion, two brave hearts dare to love and seek acceptance from the society that is hostile towards the idea of them uniting in holy matrimony.The screenplay of ‘Mudda 370 J&K’ touches upon the sensitive topic of Article 370, and even talks about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits during the uproar of 1990, but all that is done in a haphazard fashion and the narrative does not present a balanced portrayal of facts..
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