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orey bujjiga (2020) The film starts in Nidudavolu as Bujji’s(Raj Tharun) parents fix a match for him. Upset with this, he leaves his town. During the same time, Krishnaveni(Malavika Nair) also runs away to Hyderabad for the same reason. But the entire town feels that Bujji has eloped with Krishnaveni. When Krishnaveni comes to know this, she is upset big time with Bujji. The twist in the tale arises when Krishnaveni gets to meet Bujji as Seenu. Love blossoms between them and one fine day, Bujji comes to know that Krishnaveni is the girl who has run away from her town and hates him. The rest of the story is as to how Bujji sets things right and wins his love..
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