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Kaanchli Life In A Slough (2020)
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kaanchli life in a slough (2020)  Local village man Kishnu (Nareshpal Singh Chouhan) draws a lot of attention towards his family life when he marries the attractive desi belle Kajri (Shikha Malhotra), and for the wrong reasons. Kishnu always wanted to climb up the social ladder and when the sleazy village Thakur (Lalit Parimoo) comes knocking at his door with a lucrative offer, the rustic man falls for the bait. To ensure that his sexual desires — pertaining to Kishnu’s beautiful bride — are met, Thakur commands his henchman Bhoja (Sanjay Mishra) to map out a plan to win Kajri over. The lecherous Thakur’s obsession with Kajri, Bhoja’s detailed planning and the subsequent execution, and how the woman combats these two sexually-motivated individuals forms the crux of the story..
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