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Kshana Kshanam (2021)
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kshana kshanam (2021) The story is set in Vizag. Satya (Uday Shankar) is an orphan. He marries another orphan named Preethi (Jia Sharma) and leads a pretty ordinary life. Preethi is a money-minded woman and she is not happy with Sathya living off her earnings. They even contemplate divorcing each other. Sathya loses heavily in fishing business. As a result, his loans pile up and he is desperately in search of a way out. In the process, he joins a dating app and befriends a married woman named Maya (Shruti Singh). She seduces him and invites him to her home to spend some quality time on a fateful night.   Upon his arrival, Sathya finds Maya dead. He immediately informs the police, but to his shock, S.I. Krishna Manohar (Ravi Prakash) suspects him and starts the investigation. Will Sathya be jailed or will he come out of the case? Will his marriage survive or end in divorce? These questions will be answered on the big screen..
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