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Aravinda Sametha (2018)
Movie Reviews
aravinda sametha (2018) The film begins with the faction war between Basi Reddy (Jagapathi Babu) and Naga Babu, and Naga babu's son Veera Raghava arrives to witness the huge chaos the warring factions have generated in the village. As Veera Raghava decides to move away from faction, he gets to meet Aravindha (Pooja Hegde) and Sunil, and Veera Raghava falls for Aravindha, belonging to the opposite end of the faction war. Now Veera Raghava has to face Basi Reddy, and his son( Naveen Chandra)'s wrath, and was Veera Raghava able to overcome the factionists and their rage, and win the hands of his love Aravindha is what Aravindha Samedha is all about.
jyo lucky (Oct 12, 2018)

ARAVINDA SAMETHA ,NTR AND TRIVIKRAM combo finally set and movie was got a good talk from first show onwards ,ntr and pooja hedge roamance on screen ,coming to story rayalaseema back drop way and power ful leader nagababu was in his area and nagababu dies in the voilence and how ntr revenge it andf how he stop the voilence in rayalaseema is the story ,trivikram mark dialouges and music all alre good and make movie huge hit.

bhanu bhavani (Oct 11, 2018)

ROARING HIT BY NTR AND TRIVIKRAM COMBINATION ON FIRST TIME ON SCREEN,aravinda sametha was an back drop of rayalaseema back drop who was fought to change in there culture ,,nagababu was ntr father and how ever he was died in some war ,ntr want to change there people to stop this voilense in rayalaseema so over all its an action entertainer.

abhi smart (Oct 11, 2018)

ARAVINDA SAMETHA ,finally in deaters ntr was roaring with action entertainer trivikram direction and his mark elemements help to movie getting a huge hit.coming to story its rayalaseema back drop way and nagababu was ntr father and how ever its an commercial action entertainer ,audience will seen crazy reactions of ntr stamina on mass elements ,thaman music was highlight and all over movie was a block buster hit.

durga ani (Oct 06, 2018)

ARAVINDA SAMETHA ,here director trivikram and ntr combo finally set and doing this action entertainer ,trivikram written his mark skills to suit ntr action and body laungauage way ,story goes on rayalaseema back drop ,pooja hedge was doing glamour roll and sunil in main character .jaguu bhai was vilan role ,nagababu as father whole team was good and teasers and trailers are made movie get hip to audience ,this dassara ntr fans have more enjoyment to this mass masala action enteratainer .

satya phani (Oct 06, 2018)

after a huge block buster jai lava kusa ,ntr coming with action entertainer back drop of rayalaseema ,trivikram was directing this story ,pooja .Eesha ,sunil and jagu bhai was in main roles ,music by thaman ,story is an fuly action way of ntr body launguage .trivikram written his mark way oon the script ,teasers and trailers are wirall in social media ,so dassara comes before to all audience by ARAVINDHA SAMETHA ,WAIT AND WATCH ON BIG SCREEN .

Rated 3.3 5