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Hello Guru Prema Kosame (2018)
Movie Reviews
hello guru prema kosame (2018) Sanju (Ram) moves to Hyderabad after landing a job as Software Engineer. His family sets him up in Anu`s  (Anupama) Home since they are family (Prakash Raj) friends. Sanju gets attracted towards his collegue (Pranita) but realizes later that he`s actually in love with Anu. How he wins her over forms the rest..
durga ani (Oct 18, 2018)

director thrinath,was create this story very well ,ram and anupama are back with there hit combo again ,story was a cute romantic love story a typical guy ram and anupama dad s girl ,so here prakash raj was in main role as like ram friend and anupama s father also ,these three lifes are in one way with ram love and how anupama was accepts his love is the movie ,so over all its an ultimate dussara hit .

bhanu bhavani (Oct 18, 2018)

ram and anupama was acting together and prakash raj an important role after a long time ,director makes beautiful frames ,ram look very nice and anupama also .a cute romantic entertainer ,audience are gone a feel good to watch still climax and ram and prakash raj bonding and there secenes are touched to audience ,over all its an dussara block buster .

abhi smart (Oct 18, 2018)

HELLO GURU PREMA KOSAME ,is on now deaters and ram and anupama was acting together after huge hit past movie ,comes to story its an cute romantic love story and family enteratiner also ,morning onwards audience are crazy to watch ,after first show ,audience give there best experience on festrival time ,ram action and anupama glamour also good ,after a long gap prakash action entertaines very well ,whole movie is good , ram got a block buster .

jyo lucky (Oct 12, 2018)

ram pothineni and anupama was back with there hit combination ,this time as HELLO GURU PREMAKOSAME, romantic tittle and how ever trinathrao was written this movie in a good feel love story ram and anupama done there best ,recent trailers and teasers are make movie huge impact on audience ,while it was releasing on dussaara time more audience will watch with there families so wait and watch on big screen.

satya phani (Oct 12, 2018)

HELLO GURU PREMA KOSAME ,a famous song in olden day make this as tittle and ram and anupama are both cute romantic actors on screen roamnce ,directred by trinathrao written this script very well ram was good in these love storys recent hit combination from anupama make movie good feest to audience to watch on screen ,this dussera make more happines to audienece .

Rated 3.1 5