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husharu (2018) The story is quite simple and is based on the lives of four close friends who enjoy life without any goal in life. After a point of time, a heartbreaking incident happens in one of the friend’s life and this changes everything upside down. What is that incident? How did it change their lives? and how did the rest of the friend’s handle this critical situation? That forms the rest of the story?.
ajay p (Dec 21, 2018)


durga ani (Dec 19, 2018)

HUSHARU ,a four freinds and there life story,coming to movie these four freinds are leave there life very and happy and joy ,first half there comedy and humorus make movie very terribel to watch so movie will be a good scenes ,so second half also there life changes and what change and get how there life was been watch on big screen, husharu is a pure comedy entertainer .

jyo lucky (Dec 19, 2018)

movie husharu ,a typical mind set of four freinds and there lifes ,is the story ,coming to movie these four lead there lifes hapily and in sudden way one of them got a incident and how ever its an tough situation and how they get there life back ,first half is nice and comedy way second half was good to watch over all its an nice movie .

bhanu bhavani (Dec 19, 2018)

husharu movie is an outstanding comedy from these freinds and over all its an ful entertained movie ,all age grps are watch with there family ,so over all its comedy entertainer so make movie good feel,first half is good and second half is also nice go and watch on big screen.

abhi smart (Dec 13, 2018)

director harsha was a good writer and he was very talented director ,and he how writtne this fun and romantic entertainer and how ever tejus and teju kurapati ,daksha all are youth was doing in entertained way so movie will be rock and audience get full to joy while watching movie ,so waiting to watch on this friday.

satya phani (Dec 13, 2018)

HUSHARU , comedy and romantic entertainer .director harsh written the script very well and how ever he creates character is good ,so here movie is an comedy full entertainer ,teju and tej all ocmedy masters are doing in this film, so movie wil be out and out comedy way .so wait and watch on big screen.

Rated 2.7 6