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Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene (2019)
Movie Reviews
ninu veedani needanu nene (2019) Arjun and Madhavi suffer minor injuries in a road accident due to their own negligence. When they return home after, strange things start happening. They can`t see themselves in the mirror anymore and two strange faces start to appear instead. The rest is about what actually happened to them and how they solve this mystery..
satya phani (Jul 14, 2019)

good movie.. should watch the movie carefully,otherwise we will get confused. songs are good. posani comedy is good. over all second half of the movie will be entertaining..

jyo lucky (Jul 14, 2019)

director of the movie is caarthick raju. his idea for the movie was implemented nicely. hero and heroine will get married. after that accident will happen and next their faces in mirror will be changed.. watch the movie to know what had happened to them.. thaman gave good music. second half of the movie is comedy part. there will be emotional scene in the climax.. watch this movie in theaters..

kavitha dindi (Jul 14, 2019)

this movie is like a horror film but not a horror film. sandeep kishan acting is good.he improved his acting skills far better than before movies. and story is also new concept. they love each other and will get married in a register office. one day after celebrating her birthday they will return home and meanwhile they will meet an accident. something happens in that time and story will change. in the first half there will be no comedy. after entering of posani krishana murali there will be comedy.. you will enjoy the movie.

bhanu bhavani (Jul 08, 2019)

ninu veedani needanu nene is a new concept.. hero is sandeep kishan and also produced his movie with daya pannem. in this movie hero cannot see his image in mirror.. instead vennala kishore will there in that image.. thaman gave music to this movie.. this is a horror,thriller movie. let us wait to see in theaters

abhi smart (Jul 08, 2019)

After watching teaser and trailer this movie may become the turning point to sandeep kishan. the concept of ninnu veedani nednau nena is hero cannot see his image in mirror instead he see vennala kishore in that mirror.. may be due to that reason they named movie as ninnu veedani needanu nene.The director and writer of the story is caarthick raju.. this is a horror movie.. wish u all the best to sandeep and team..

Rated 3.7 5