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gang leader (2019) A crazy bank robbery happens in Hyderabad and 300 crores are robbed. But after a while, an old lady(Lakshmi) forms a gang and approaches Pencil Parthasarathy(Nani), a crime novel specialist for help. Initially, Pencil ignores the gang but later decides to help them. Who are these women? What do they have to do with the bank robbery? How will Pencil help them? and where does Dev played by Karthikeya feature in this setup. To know this, watch the film on the big screen..
priya roy (Sep 24, 2019)

vikram kumar story is good as a gang leader. in nani movie comedy will play a role. but in this movie it played a main role. movie is nice. two to three songs are lovable. can watch the movie more than once.

ram (Sep 24, 2019)

gang leader is apt name for the movie. chirus gang leader is fully mass entertainer. but nanis gang leader is full comedy movie. 5 women from the different families will gather and will meet nani as he is a best thriller book writer. at first nani will avoid them but later on he will involve in that ahd he will make us involve in the story. heroine is charming and acted good. watch the movie to know why those women approched to thriller story writer and what is that comedy that created in the story.

rajesh (Sep 24, 2019)

good comedy entertainer. climax is easily predictable but the entertainmen throughout the movie is unpredictable. music is good. as nani is a natural star his acting is natural. heroine priyanka is beautiful and her acting is also good. as a old lady laxmi garu also acted well. overall this a good movie. watch the movie in theaters near you.

jyo lucky (Sep 24, 2019)

nani's gang leader is a hit movie with good music and good story. there is comedy and thriller movie. movie is very entertaining. karthikeya is apt for dev character. this is a family entertainer. comedy plays major role in the movie. in this nani is a writer of thriller books. priyadarshi will sponser his books. nani will help for some women who forms a gang to kill dev. all the entertainment will start from here. to enjoy the movie watch it on big screen.

kavitha dindi (Sep 20, 2019)

gang leader movie is fantastic with good comedy. nani is apt for the movie. comedy generated in the movie is good. in this movie hero is a novel writer. he helps the 5 ladies because their in their family male persons are dead in a bank robbery. and for revenge they will ask nani named pencil to write a revenge story for them to kill karthekeya who is negative character in the movie. music is also hit especially hoyna song. this is a family entertainer and should watch the movie without missing.

Rated 4.5 5