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o pitta katha (2020) Venkata Lakshmi(Nithya Shetty) leads a happy life with her father in a small town. Prabhu(Sanjay Rao), who works with Venkata Lakshmi’s dad falls in love with her right from his childhood days. Even Venkata Lakshmi loves Prabhu and when things seem to be going fine, a new character named Krish(Viswanth) enters the scene and he too falls for Venkata Lakshmi. After knowing that both Prabhu and Lakshmi are in love with each other, he plans to separate them. During the same time, Venkata Lakshmi gets kidnapped leaving everyone surprised. Who kidnapped Venkata Lakshmi? Is Krish involved in this setup or is there some other angle to the story. To know this, you need to watch the film on a big screen..
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