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\'Gouravam\' Movie Trailer 2_30sec

Watch \'Gouravam\' movie trailer 2_30sec

\'Gouravam\' movie trailer 2_30sec \'Gouravam\' movie trailer 2_30sec thumbnail text
\'Gouravam\' movie trailer 2_30sec

Ranga (Sunil) is a happy-go-unlucky guy whose business ventures take a beating. As a final bid, he pledges his father’s ancestral property to buy some land in Warangal only to realize later that it is the bone of contention between two warring landlords. Sunil goes to Warangal to solve the problem and then decides that the only way to get his land back is to unite the two family through a marriage alliance. The rest of the story is all about how he gets his land back. 

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