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Venu\\\'s Ramachari Movie Tittle Song

Watch Venu\\\'s Ramachari Movie Tittle song

Venu\\\'s Ramachari Movie Tittle song Venu\\\'s Ramachari Movie Tittle song thumbnail text
Venu\\\'s Ramachari Movie Tittle song

The young, fiery and angry Angel is the custodian of her aunts (mother's sisters). She is always seen riding a cycle, trashes anyone who looks at them or even dare take photos with the cell phone but eventually the man-hater falls in love with Aby (Asif Ali) who comes to live in the upper portion of their house that has already been mortgaged. Aby plays guitar and as one who considered Rosevilla (Angel's home) as a tigers cave soon enters the forbidden territory winning their hearts much to the chagrin of the neighbours who have been kept at bay all these years from the women.

Dil Se begins well but as it progresses it loses it's depth and begins to resemble an antique piece. It is predictable alright but the twist in the tale comes in the last half an hour giving one a hope that something magical is going to transform the never ending gloomy story. What you finally get is a commercial climax, the very regular melodramatic ending one gets to see in formula films.

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