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Entho Fun Song Trailer || F2 Moviedate 06-01-2019

Watch Entho Fun Song trailer || F2 Moviedate 06-01-2019

Entho Fun Song trailer || F2 Moviedate 06-01-2019 Entho Fun Song trailer || F2 Moviedate 06-01-2019 thumbnail text
Entho Fun Song trailer || F2 Moviedate 06-01-2019

Sadguna Rao (Chandra Mohan) and Madhusundhan Rao (Rajendra Prasad) are roommates and best friends. Madhu is a peculiar person who troubles everybody around him with puzzles and interesting questions, he meets Keerthana (Preeti) in funny circumstances and they fall in love for each other. Keerthana also has a best friend and a roommate Vindhya (Rajani) who is a stage artist as a hobby but a very timid girl at heart.

As the story unfolds, Keerthana tells her friend Vindhya story of childhood marriage to a guy named Venkatasivam in her village and she doesn’t consider it as marriage at all. Because of aversion to the marriage incident, she even changes her name from Vighneshwari to Keerthana in the city. But when Keerthana’s uncle arrives in Vizag asking her to visit the village to see her paternal uncle Paramanadam (Pucha Poornanandam), she doesn’t want it to do so. Keerthana sends her friend Vindhya as herself in changed identity as her Uncle is blind and deaf.

Coincidentally, Venkatasivam who was forced in child marriage to Vigneshwari is none other than Madhu himself! Just like how Keerthana hates that incident, Madhu changes his name in the city and he sends Sadguna Rao to the same village- requesting him to behave badly and get rid of Vigneshwari! The real fun begins when Sadguna Rao and Vindhya fall for each other in the process of acting in the village. Rest of the story is about what happens to these two young couples and how things fall in place!

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