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Sye Raa Telugu Trailer 2 - The Battlefield Date 26-09-2019

Watch Sye Raa telugu Trailer 2 - The Battlefield date 26-09-2019

Sye Raa telugu Trailer 2 - The Battlefield date 26-09-2019 Sye Raa telugu Trailer 2 - The Battlefield date 26-09-2019 thumbnail text
Sye Raa telugu Trailer 2 - The Battlefield date 26-09-2019

Karan (Vidyut Jamwal), a commando with 9 Para Commandos of the Indian Army. During a routine helicopter training their helicopter crashes into the Chinese side. The lone survivor of the wreckage, he is captured by Chinese officials. As the crash happened on a river and wreckage of the chopper got washed away, Karan as well as his seniors are not able to convince the Chinese of his innocence. The Chinese feel they can use these circumstances to brand him as an Indian Spy and use this political leverage to embarrass the Indian Government and create an International fracus. The Indian Government feels that under such politically unfavourable circumstances, the Chinese will not accept any proof of Karan having crashed during a routine training so they order the Army to erase Karan's army record, identities and simply deny his existence. Due to this Karan has to suffer inhuman torture from Chinese army for one year in a bid to force a confession out of him.

However as Karan still refuses to relent, he is transferred to be tried at the Chinese Military Court with the most probable and possible sentence being the death penalty. During his transfer however, he escapes from his captors and crosses into Himachal Pradesh at the Lepcha border and travels through Kinnaur to reach his base at Pathankot. As Karan crosses the Himachal – Punjab border, he accidentally bumps into a girl, Simrit (Pooja Chopra) who is escaping from Amrit Kanwal Singh (Jaideep Ahlawat) goons and AK's brother who's a MP. Amrit Kanwal Singh or as he is better known AK-74, a notorious cold-blooded criminal and murderer with such strong political ties that he gets away with anything and everything illegal he does even after he murdered a Forrest Official, wants to marry Simrit for political gains as it will lend him some respectability and political leverage in the upcoming electoral campaign. Karan warns the goons to let go off her but they don't listen and bear the brunt of his pent up anger and after losing some men they retreat. Simran plays him to escort her out of the town by telling Karan that he has created more trouble for her and now he must escort her till she feels safe. AK waylays them on the Andheria Bridge. Finding himself outnumbered and outgunned Karanvir jumps off the bridge after kicking AK on his face with Simrit into a fast flowing river which carries them into the forest. As AK's power, position and respect from ordinary people of Dilerkot is largely attributed to fear-tactics efficiently used by him and after being publicly humiliated by Karan AK's senses that this act of Karan would affect his fear among people negatively declares that within 1 day he would track him down alive and hang him in the middle of marketplace in Dilkerkot and in the meantime kills a visibly frightened onlooker after he laughs at him. Karan hears Simrit's story and promises to help her. He decides to stick to the jungle route and then get out on the highway once he feels that the heat from Amrit Kanwal Singh and his henchmen has died down. AK on the other hand decides to pursue them inside the Jungle.

Now begins a cat and mouse game between AK, his men, and Karan in the forest. Karan at first successfully overpowers AK's henchmen by taking into effect his physical strength, Guerilla warfare tactics, cunning warfare skills, training as a commando and extreme knowledge of the area's flora and fauna and had an upper hand over the untrained and novice AK's men. The next morning AK74 hires special trackers and sets out along hunting dogs. AK spots a teared piece of Simrit's shirt. The hunting dogs thus get a scent of the duo and tracks them down. Karan misleads the dogs and crosses a river and the dogs loose them. Karan and simrit get outnumbered and Karan is shot in his stomach. AK throws Karan into a shallow river with rock beds jutting out here and there. One year later Karan survives and after recuperating fully heads back to the town. Meanwhile AK kills Simrit's parents and stages it as an accident and threatens Simrit to marry him. Karan fights all of AK's goons and an hired assassin sent by the Chinese. He beats up AK badly, breaks his ankle and hangs AK on the town square and surrenders to his Commander Col. Akhilesh Sinha (Darshan Jariwala) who had timely arrived to save him from the local police who are mere puppets of AK.

The movie ends with Karan finally telling Simrit his full name, Captain Karanvir Singh Dogra and promises to return after the court-martial.

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