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Krishna And His Leela Trailer Date 24-06-2020

Watch Krishna and his Leela Trailer date 24-06-2020

Krishna and his Leela Trailer date 24-06-2020 Krishna and his Leela Trailer date 24-06-2020 thumbnail text
Krishna and his Leela Trailer date 24-06-2020

Ashok (Rajasekhar) and Lakshmi (Meera Jasmine) are siblings, and their father, Sarvarayudu (Rajasekhar), who was a landlord of the village, and mother (Sujitha), die during their childhood. Ashok and Lakshmi turn inseparable. Lakshmi falls in love with a boy called Aakash (Aakash), but makes it clear that she would love or marry him only with the blessings and acceptance of her brother, which Ashok approves of. He also marries a girl named Nandini (Arthi Agarwal) on the same day. After their marriage, Aakash and Lakshmi lead a happy life along with Aakash's cousins and sisters-in-law. In a gap of seven years, Lakshmi has two daughters and a son. Then Nandini also becomes pregnant but suffers a miscarriage due to the intervention of one Kantham, who stays with her claiming to be her aunt. As Nandini's uterus was removed, Ashok turns childless and to please him Aakash and Lakshmi bring their children to cajole him. By the time Aakash returns to their house, his cousins cheat him and swindle the entire property. Aakash gets jailed in a cheque bounce case. Lakshmi and her children turn orphans. With the Kantham's advice, Nandini throws Lakshmi out of house and warns her not to try to meet her brother. With no way to save her husband and her family, Lakshmi commits suicide with her three children and on learning this Ashok also dies proving that they are inseparable even in death.

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