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Thriller Official Trailer Date 31-07-2020

Watch Thriller Official Trailer date 31-07-2020

Thriller Official Trailer date 31-07-2020 Thriller Official Trailer date 31-07-2020 thumbnail text
Thriller Official Trailer date 31-07-2020

The film starts off with Anjeneyulu(CSR) celebrating the award of colonial title "Rao Bahuddur". CSR eyes on the riches of Diwan Bahadur Mukunda Rao(SVR) and wants to get his son raghu(Jaggayya) and daughter of Mukunda Rao Manjari (Savitri) married. Mukunda Rao innocently agrees for the marriage. Meanwhile, to get out of debts Anajeneyulu asks his manager Bhajagovindam(Relangi) to look for some creditors.

  Raja Rao(NTR) gets released from the prison and Manjari welcomes him. Bhajagovindam and Manjari explain the evil thoughts of najaneyulu and the situation of his sister. They decide on a plot and its execution to reform the families and set things up.

  Raja Rao sets his sister Jamuna in Anajeneyulu’s house and he agrees on the condition that she would pretend to be a dumb girl in the house. Bhajagovindam takes up the responsibility of executing the plot and as the plot progresses, Bhajagovindam-Raja Rao adopt different disguises while Raghu brings in a foreign wife to make the plot even more interesting. She demands some money for the divorce and that forces Anajaneyulu to devise various methods to raise money.

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