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Thalaivi Hindi Official Trailer Date 23-03-2021

Watch Thalaivi Hindi Official Trailer date 23-03-2021

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Thalaivi Hindi Official Trailer date 23-03-2021 Thalaivi Hindi Official Trailer date 23-03-2021 thumbnail text
Thalaivi Hindi Official Trailer date 23-03-2021

Commissioner of Police Eeshwar Prasad (Venkatesh) gets a phone call from an anonymous caller (Kamal Hassan) about some explosives planted in different places. Without ruling out the call as a prank in the wake of bomb blasts in Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat, Eeshwar Prasad immediately informs the chief secretary (Lakshmi) to the government and summons her to his office, with a plea not to search for protocol. After she reaches his office, he explains the situation to her and takes permission to handle the situation. The caller demands the release of four terrorists and in order to prove that he has planted bombs, he gives a hint to the police that a bomb is kept in Lakdi-ka-Pul police station. The bomb disposal squad rushes to the place and is in a confusing state on how to defuse it. The caller himself reveals the way to defuse the bomb. Later, he narrates his demand to release four hardcore terrorists from jail. As per his demand, the four terrorists are taken to Begumpet airport. Two police officers Gautham Reddy (Bharat Reddy) and Arif (Ganesh Venkataraman) accompany the terrorists. On learning that the group has reached the spot, the caller wants to send them to a jeep waiting for them. However, Arif keeps one of the terrorists as hostage with a view to extract the information about the explosives from the caller. But the caller insists to kill that terrorists. With no option left, the commissioner orders to kill that terrorist. Did the police get any clue about the anonymous caller? Why did the caller demand the release of the terrorists? Did they get freedom? What happened to the terrorist who was kept as hostage by the escort police officer? Was the commissioner able to catch the caller? Did he really keep bombs and terrorize the people? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.

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