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SR Kalyanamandapam Movie Trailer Date 29-07-2021

Watch SR Kalyanamandapam Movie Trailer date 29-07-2021

SR Kalyanamandapam Movie Trailer date 29-07-2021 SR Kalyanamandapam Movie Trailer date 29-07-2021 thumbnail text
SR Kalyanamandapam Movie Trailer date 29-07-2021

Three middle class families of Mohan Rao-Sumitra (Giri Babu, Kalpana), Chalapati-Pankajam (Chalapati Rao, Y Vijaya), [an error occurred while processing this directive]Tayaru and her husband (Sri Lakshmi and AVS) stay in a combined locality. They remain good neighbours and are very friendly with each other. However, the women always grumble that their husbands are not making attempts to bring furniture and other households. They also crave to own a house of their own. At this juncture, they come across Schemes Appa Rao (Rajendra Prasad) an intelligent guy, who helps others in getting household articles in installments and at the same time, gain commission from the businessmen for bringing customers. Once, this Schemes Appa Rao gets cornered by a mischievous girl called Gita (Madhumita), who plays pranks with him. Though the prank troubles him first, the incident bonds them together, who lose heart to each other. When Appa Rao goes to Gita's father Anjaneya Prasad, who keeps a condition that Appa Rao should build a house first in a year and then only he would allow him to marry his daughter. To build a house in one year, Appa Rao has no other option but to resort to cheating. So, he collects money from the three women Sumitra, Pankajam and Tayaru and completes his project within 11 months. However, Appa Rao make them believe that they got flats in a posh apartment. Surprisingly, the women arrange money without any notice to their husbands. One fine morning, Mohan Rao reveals that a realtor company reversed its board and cheated the public. So the three women come out in open that they too are among the investors in the company. The three couples plan to catch Appa Rao and get at least a part of the money. They also come to know that he is getting married. To their misfortune, they come across Appula Appa Rao (Rajendra Prasad), a look alike of Schemes Appa Rao and kidnap him, though he claims that he is not the man they are searching for. Schemes Appa Rao also gets kidnapped by some people as he owes some money to them. Finally, both Appa Raos reach the venue and the Schemes Appa Rao's story reaches a happy climax.

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